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Neeraj Tewari

Management Consultant, Information Technology and Services

Hi, I'm Neeraj Tewari. I help enterprises in building technology solutions that solve their critical business needs.

Neeraj Tewari's Bio:

Neeraj Tewari is an accomplished professional in the telecommunications industry, working with Fortune 500 enterprises to build complex business systems and solve complex business problems to bring new products and solutions to markets and to bring efficiencies in business operations.


For the last three decades, Neeraj Tewari has been a passionate and talented software professional. He has dedicated countless hours of his life to building a powerful understanding of business management, and as a result has become an industry leader in software and telecommunications. Whether working with young startups, large enterprises, or everything in between, Tewari has found success.


Of his many skills, Tewari’s leadership abilities may be what truly stands out from the rest. Consistently delivering results in leadership positions, Neeraj brings sturdiness and responsibility to his many projects and seeks to hold everyone accountable for their roles. His ability to communicate effectively and lead teams has resulted in not only meeting expectations, but surpassing them.


As a leader in software and telecommunications, Tewari believes firmly in inspiring and motivating his colleagues. If a team is successfully able to inspire and motivate each other, then possibilities are endless. Utilizing his wealth of management skills not only teaches responsibility, but also helps pave a clear direction for professional growth. Tewari also places a strong emphasis on the balance between our personal and professional lives. By learning to appreciate them both and successfully find time for both, colleagues are happier and thus more productive. Through enhancing individual lives, you enhance camaraderie, and thus maximize growth potential for buth the individual and the business.


Tewari’s efforts have not gone unnoticed as he was recognized as one of the 30 fast track employees while working for Hughes from 1991-1996. Neeraj has also successfully filed two patents, one in 1999 and the other in 2001. LeHigh University has also recognized Neeraj with a University Fellowship for his expertise in engineering and business programs.

Neeraj Tewari's Experience:

  • VP - Engineering at Hughes Electronics

Neeraj Tewari's Education:

  • Lehigh University

    Concentration: EE

Neeraj Tewari's Interests & Activities:

Fitness, tennis, literature, philosophy, cooking, sports, and mathematics.

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